Monthly Archive: August 2019

Smart Coupons App

Coupon shoppingChoices tons of of 1000’s of products from one thousand’s of shops. ScanLife ( Android , iOS ) lets users scan barcodes, QR codes or Microsoft Tags to rapidly get their hands on a wealth of data helpful to the savvy shopper. The app permits you to look up on-line and storefront costs, in addition to relevant value matching packages and product reviews. You possibly can search for dietary info, the place obtainable, as well as nearby locations carrying the identical item. Customers can earn points for scanning gadgets, and people points can be redeemed for gift playing cards.

These links will be present in quite a lot of places — on the homepage, on product pages, or within the cart after the code is applied. Evaluation this information to verify if your purchase is eligible before going through the checkout course of, and you’ll find yourself saving lots of …

As A Constitutionalist, I’ve Got To Ask – Are They Really One Of Us?

Is it just me, or is the Presidential election cycle starting earlier and earlier? I mean since when do you hold Presidential primary debates before you’ve even had the preceding year’s general election? It was getting downright confusing for a while there, hearing people talking in the same breath about candidates that were running in different elections in different years. Nevertheless, the Presidential election cycle is upon us and people are talking about it and I find myself compelled to weigh in.

Wherever I go, people are abuzz with speculation and hype about this candidate or that – “I hear this one’s pretty good,” or “that one sounds really conservative,” or “they say he’s a Christian – maybe he’s God’s man!” I’m sorry, but I wish that Christians and conservatives would get themselves an objective standard to measure things by rather than continually resorting to the subjective, emotional, gobbledygook guess …