A dental pain on a closed tooth with amalgam reinforced since wearing an alliance

To capture the mercury vibrations in the body, kinesiology can also bring elements. To support her convictions, Andrée Vandenborre cites several challenging examples: the systematic oxidation of an earring on the side of an amalgam generating a large current, the residual pain on a tooth pulped linked to a particle of amalgam left under the filling, a dental pain on a closed tooth with amalgam reinforced since wearing an alliance, … “Of course all amalgam is not harmful far from it,” says Andrée Vandenborre. “But when some teeth react atypically, you have to ask the question. For each patient, there is a threshold to reach and a phenomenon of accumulation settles with time.

Aromatherapy is also an alternative to some treatments. The use of essential oils is conclusive. “I also apply some recipes taught by Pascal Eppe, who regularly organizes courses in Belgium on natural dentistry.” These can intervene in endodontics and paro. The essential oil of orange dissolves the gutta percha, the teatree is an effective preparation for the infections, ..

Nutritional medicine, born in the mid-80s is constantly expanding. Its use in dentistry can play an important role in the prevention and elimination of certain oral diseases: polycaries, infections, periodontitis, canker sores, TMJ problems, .. The importance of a balanced diet for general health is not indisputable. However, everyone has a genetic capital that determines their own reaction to different chemical food pollutants. On the other hand, we talk a lot about Omega 3 and 6 but how to use them? We can analyze in the dental office the bio-nutrient field of patients and know what would be the biological food supplements needed to respond to certain conditions. It is known that at an adequate dose, specific nutrients reduce cholesterol, reduce blood pressure, improve immunity, reduce the risk of cancer, slow down the aging process (including periodontium), …

Holistic dentistry is not only about care, we already talk about prevention but this discipline also includes an atmosphere of the dental office favorable to a personalized relationship with the patient. In this relationship of trust, the patient who wishes can try to understand the message that his pathologies and his pain send him. A tooth is not an inert mineral body but is in a way the hard disk of our soul. Direct emanations of the unconscious teeth sometimes express the truth of our felt the proposed approach is to go to the Serenity Scottsdale Dentist in a spirit of reconciliation with oneself. Combining care and awareness gives the dental act another dimension. This approach leads to dental decoding.

New orientation of practice

All these experiences led Andrée Vandenborre to reorient her practice. Since then, the demand for patients informed by word of mouth has grown steadily, satisfied to get another listen to their problems or discover another approach to the care they need. Despite this, conventional techniques remain applicable to the firm. Some patients do not want to change their type of care or just do not need it. Some evidence has allowed this sister to approach another aspect of oral care that remains entirely complementary to conventional dentistry while paying great attention to relaxation and positive thinking. However, it is necessary to accept that one does not explain everything and that there are other therapeutic ways: one sees only what one seeks and one seeks that what one knows.